• Is Your Co-Working Space Compliant?

    Be Prepared For Issues Like Sexual Harassment.


    Are you vulnerable to issues like Sexual Harassment in your co-working facility? The answer is "Yes".

    You need a Safety and Compliance program at your Co-Working location.


    ComplyTrain provides a safety and compliance program for your co-working facility and its members.

    Through the ComplyTrain software, we make sure all of your members receive the proper policies and training surrounding key issues like Sexual Harassment, Safety, and Information Security.

  • A Co-Working Case of Sexual Harassment

    Read about a Coworking Member's Experience

    Is This Really A Issue?

    Yes. co-working spaces have an issue with sexual harassment as much as any other workspace.


    Your members safety should be your #1 priority. A writer penned an article about her experiences with Sexual Harassment at a co-working space in NY.

    What Should Co-working Spaces Do?

    1. Have a strong policy against unsafe or harassing behavior.
    2. Clearly outline what happens if a member violates the policy, escalating the action based on the severity of the violation.
    3. Implement a reporting system, then clearly communicate this to all members. This will go a long way to help assure members that you have their safety in mind. And they'll know who to speak to if an issue arises.
    4. Lastly, train your staff on how to deal with sexual harassment complaints.


    Teach your employees to avoid trying to investigate a sexual harassment claim unless they're fully equipped to do so. In the article, the coworking manager simply brushed off the sexual harassment complaint. Was he trained on how to handle it? Seems unlikely.


    Don't leave your workers unprepared to deal with issues this vital. The stakes are too high... we're talking negative press, decreased memberships, and potential lawsuits. You can set your coworking facility apart by building a strong member safety program.

  • FAQ

    Is Your Co-Working Facility Safe, Compliant, and Inclusive?


    How Do You Help Co-Working Locations Prevent Sexual Harassment?

    We provide all of your members with the right Sexual Harassment education, policies, and training. After they review and consent to the policy and complete the training in our software, we'll maintain all reports and records.


    Our ComplyTrain Software Provides Everything You Need.

    Our safety and compliance program provides everything your co-working space needs. No paperwork to manage or webinars to attend, we provide all of the policies and training your members need to be compliant.


    Safety and Inclusion Are Essential

    Your co-working facility should ensure the safety of its members. Not only that, it needs to accept new members in a way that's compliant with State and Federal laws that prohibit discrimination. We train your staff on both local and state statutes that apply to you


    What's Included In the Co-Working Safety and Compliance Program?

    Our ComplyTrain Software is included, and provides complete policies, education, and training to help your members refrain from illegal activity like Sexual Harassment, Bullying, Cyber Attacks, and more. Our software then tracks, and securely maintains all of the safety and compliance completions and reports.


    ComplyTrain Gives Co-Working Facilities Peace of Mind



    ComplyTrain is the easiest compliance software for Co-Working facilities. It's compatible with any device and fully cloud-based.

    Training Records

    Reports and Tracking

    ComplyTrain administers, maintains, and tracks all compliance training for you. Leave the reports and records to us and focus on your members.


    Private and Safe

    ComplyTrain allows your members to access training on a secure portal. They have unique logins and can print certificates on their own.


    This Is the First Step In Building A Safer Co-Working Facility. Request A Demo.

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